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A Rare Explanation for Enteropathy in Medicine Patients

Correspondence to Author: William Stolarek University in Madison, Wisconsin, US


Peutz-Jeghers syndrome is associate degree chromosome dominant hamartomatous polyposis involving digestive tube related to membrane physiological state involving lips, buccal membrane ,hand and feet and predisposing the patient to varied extraintestinal and internal organ cancers.This article includes case report of a twelve year feminine diagnosed with intussusception thanks to Peutz-JeghersSyndrome. This patient underwent emergency preliminary incision followed by surgical process of regarding thirty cm necrosed , unhealthy small intestine regarding 50cm proximal to ileocecal junction and so ileoileal inosculation performed . This patient had pigmented hypermelanotic macules over lower lip ,buccal membrane and face. This case was completely examined and located to be a rare case of ileus in pediatric patients.


Peutz Jeghers syndrome; intussusception; hamartomatous polyposis


William Stolarek, A Rare Explanation for Enteropathy in Medicine Patients. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2021.

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