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A Study to Guage Role of Gender in Troublesome Cholecystectomy

Correspondence to Author: Dr.Gasibova JM, Department of Pediatric Surgery Azerbaijan Medical University Baku Azerbaijan


Introduction: Though cholecystectomy provides for a quicker recovery, there are reports of intra operative difficulties within the laparoscopic technique, typically necessitating the conversion to open procedure. variety of things influencing this has been studied however the role of gender on the intra operative difficulties and post-operative complications is unclear. This study was an endeavor to know the role of gender within the intra and post-operative complications following cholecystectomy.

Methodology: This was a prospective experimental study conducted among a hundred patients undergoing cholecystectomy in Victoria Hospital. Patient details like age, sex, BMI, intra operative details like period of surgery, CBD injury, biliary leak and conversion to open surgery, post-operative complications like jaundice and inflammation, and period OH hospital keep were noted down. This information was analyzed exploitation student t-test and chi-square take a look at.

Results: Of the a hundred patients, sixty eight were females and thirty second were males. The mean operative time for male patients seventy five.31 37.95 minutes whereas that for feminine patients was fifty six.76 29.36 minutes. Of the thirty two males patients, 1 (3.125%) patient had CBD injury whereas four (12.5%) patients had conversion to open procedure. 4 (5.8%) of the surgeries were reborn to open procedures among feminine patients, with no CBD injury noted. The mean post-operative hospital keep in male patients was five.0 2.52 days whereas that in female patients was three.64 1.40 days (p < zero.05). surgical jaundice was ascertained among one male patient whereas it had been not ascertained among feminine patients. Post-operative biliary leak was ascertained among two male patients and one feminine patient.

Conclusion: The intra operative and post-operative morbidity was comprable among males and females undergoing cholecystectomy, with the male gender having a extended period of surgery and the next period of hospital keep.


Male gender; Laparoscopic cholecystectomy; Post-operative complications; Difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy.


Dr.Gasibova JM, A Study to Guage Role of Gender in Troublesome Cholecystectomy. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2021.

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