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An Innovative Method for Laparoscopic Colonoscopic Polypectomy Procedures


James JL Mateka

Rush University Medical Center, USA

Correspondence to Author: James JL Mateka


Introduction:The endoscope cannot reach or properly place a large number of benign colorectal polyps for polypectomy. As a result, patients have the affected bowel surgically removed. Because of this, we have worked with pig models to create minimally invasive methods to help with endoscopic polypectomies. A grabbing mechanism is deployed by the MiniLap, a unique device, through a needle-tipped shaft. To help with this endeavor, we used this device for transcolonic insertion, dissection, exposure, and retraction.
Methods: Two 12mm ports are put (periumbilical and right lower quadrant) for a camera and instruments using a supine porcine model, with IACUC approval. To help with exposing, retracting, and dissecting, minilaps are placed. After the polypectomy site was made visible, the MiniLap was inserted (with the needle). presenting the polyp to the endoscope transcolonically. Following the polypectomy, the instruments were taken out and the colotomy was sealed with a purse string.
Results:For polyps that would typically be unreachable, we were able to imitate endoscopic polypectomies with transcolonic help from the MiniLap. To grip the polyp intracolonically, insert the MiniLap through a loop cautery. After that, the loop glides across the apparatus to the polyp's base. Another method makes the polyp visible to the endoscope by using the MiniLap to grab the proximal mucosa.
conclusion: The MiniLap can help with the endoscopic removal of hard-to-reach polyps in the pig model. Ideally, this will result in fewer bowel resections, patient morbidity, and length of hospital stay for human patients.

Benign polyps; Polypectomy


James JL Mateka. An Innovative Method for Laparoscopic Colonoscopic Polypectomy Procedures. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2023.

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  • Volume: 6 (2024)
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