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Case Study of Cadaveric Allograft Transplantation

Correspondence to Author: Pellon G Hospital Fray Bernardino Alvarez, Ciudad de Mxico, Mxico.


Non healing wounds square measure a significant practical and money burden to the patient and treating doc alike. several ways of adjuvant wound medical care and wound bed preparation exist like autologous thrombocyte made Plasma injection (APRP), autologous Lipoaspirate injections (ALA), Bone marrow aspiration medical care (BMAT) etc. many ways of temporary wound cowl square measure on the market today like integra, apligraf, scleroprotein etc. tho such temporary dressing materials square measure on the market none will meet the biological properties of associate degree graft. dead body allografts have long been used as a short lived wound cowl in patients with in depth burns to scale back the morbidity and mortality in patients. during this article we tend to describe the utilization of dead body graft as a technique for wound bed preparation in patients with non-healing ulcers in a very tertiary burns centre.


Allograft; Non-Healing Ulcer; Wound Bed Preparation.


Pellon G, Case Study of Cadaveric Allograft Transplantation. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2021.

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