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Clinical Study of Assorted Treatment Modalities in Haemorrhoids

Correspondence to Author: Dr. Maira Omer

Department of Pharmacy administration and Clinical Pharmacy Xian Jiatong University, Xian China


Background: Haemorrhoids ar tormenting civilization since earlier period. It affects all folks regardless of gender, age, race, socioeconomic standing and cultural variations. the precise prevalence cant be calculable accurately. several patients dont look for medical steering. This causes severe discomfort for patients and cause complications. There ar several treatment modalities on the market for this condition. This study is aimed toward evaluating those varied modalities available.

Objectives: one. to review the assorted modalities of treatment choices on the market for the treatment of haemorrhoids at our hospital (Open hemorrhoidectomy, Closed hemorrhoidectomy, elastic device tying and conservative management). 2. to judge benefits and drawbacks of 1 modality over the opposite.Methods: Clinically diagnosed case of haemorrhoids in a very Tertiary care hospital, Kalaburagi. fifty patients clinically diagnosed case of piles presenting between Gregorian calendar month 2017 to Gregorian calendar month 2019 (18 months) at our hospital. The presenting complaints were noted, elaborate examination, designation was created and treated consequently. The relevant knowledge was collected. Post-operative complications were noted and operative Follow-up was done on day seven, one month and three month.

Results: The mean age of presentation was within the fourth decade (41.36 13.26 years). The malady was a lot of in males. the most important presenting criticism was injury per body part + Mass per body part (28%) followed by injury per body part (26%). On elaborate examination eleven (22%) cases were diagnosed as External Haemorrhoids, thirty-nine (78%) cases as internal haemorrhoids, more internal haemorrhoids were stratified as nine (18%) Grade-1 cases, ten (20%) Grade-2 cases, ten (20%) Grade-3 cases and ten (20%) Grade-4 cases. As treatment modality, nine (18%) cases were managed guardedly, in fifteen (30%) cases Closed hemorrhoidectomy, in sixteen (32%) Open hemorrhoidectomy and in ten (20%) cases Rubber Band tying was done. Post-operative pain was a lot of in Open hemorrhoidectomy ten (62.5%) cases, Closed hemorrhoidectomy half dozen (40.0%) cases and a couple of (20.0%) of cases had post-operative pain in whom RBL was done. Post-operatively injury was seen in seven (43.75%) cases United Nations agency underwent Open hemorrhoidectomy, 4 (26.6%) cases beneath Closed hemorrhoidectomy, 2 (20%). One case every beneath Open hemorrhoidectomy and RBL had postoperatively discharge per body part and developed return. Comparison was done between different treatment modalities; applied math Analyzis was done. Surgery was helpful compared to conservative approach. RBL was higher than alternative modalities with lesser rate of complication, early start of labor and short hospital keep. Closed hemorrhoidectomy had lesser post-operative pain, injury and complications, when put next to Open hemorrhoidectomy.

Conclusion: Surgical intervention is best than conservative approach. within the surgical techniques RBL was higher followed by Closed hemorrhoidectomy and Open hemorrhoidectomy in respect of operative complications, hospital keep and higher wound healing.


Maira Omer Clinical Study of Assorted Treatment Modalities in Haemorrhoids. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2021.

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