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Cutaneous onchocerciasis (AlSawda) in Republic of Yemen


Mohammed Abdul Qader Almalmi*

Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

Correspondence to Author: Mohammed Abdul Qader Almalmi


Background : Onchocerciasis is an infection caused by the nematode Onchocerca volvulus. Humans acquire onchocerciasis through the bite of Simulium blackflies. Because the fly develops and breeds in flowing water, onchocerciasis is commonly found along rivers and is sometimes referred to as river blindness.
Objective : This study was to identify the skin pigmentary disorder and parasitic skin manifestation in Yemeni patients.

Patients and methods : Seven male Yemeni patients 25 to 40 age presented with severe pruritus papular lichenification, loss of skin elasticity, atrophy, and/or depigmentation skin lesions localized in the unilateral of one lower limb and buttock. The duration was ranged from one to two years.
Skin examination in patients with onchocerciasis may reveal subcutaneous nodules, diffuse onchodermatitis, lymphedema, and/or atrophic changes. Sowda refers to severe pruritus and darkened skin, usually confined to one limb. Lymphadenopathy occur. No ocular involved. Skin snip procedure was positive. Skin biopsy and histopathological findings were diagnostic.
Results : The clinical data and the investigations revealed that the seven cases were cutaneous onchocerciasis.
Conclusion : Cutaneous onchocerciasis is a quite skin disease in Republic of Yemen. It is sporadic in some areas Al Mahweet and Sharaab. The local name of this disease Sowda mains darkness of the skin.

Yemen , republic , onchocerciasis , cutaneous.


Mohammed Abdul Qader Almalmi. Cutaneous onchocerciasis (AlSawda) in Republic of Yemen. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2023.

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