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Retrospective Study on Patients Undergoing section to Assess the chance Factors of Re-Laparotomy

Correspondence to Author: Wang Wei Division of General Surgery, Department of Surgery, The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, China


Introduction: Abdominal surgery that needs to be redone in association with initial surgery is spoken as re surgical incision. Re-laparotomy is related to twenty two to 513% morbidity and mortality, thus its the ultimate selection of surgery. the most aim of this study was to seek out out the incidence of re- surgical incision and to spot the danger factors i.e. predictors of relaparotomy in patients undergoing general surgery operations.

Materials and Methodology: This was a retrospective study involving one hundred patients, done from first Gregorian calendar month 2016 until first June 2017 Patients with age quite eighteen years, those requiring surgical incision for each general and trauma surgery were enclosed. Those with initial laparostomy, with solely flank drain placement, any Laparotomies throughout ostomy or ostomy closure, those with Initial laparoscopic procedure, minimal invasive procedure like ultrasound radio-controlled emptying etc. Were excluded. knowledge was analyzed exploitation SPSS package. The Results were expressed in proportion. Associations were analyzed exploitation chi-square or t test counting on outcome variables.

Results: The incidence of revision surgical incision during this study was seven-membered and therefore the incidence of second revision surgical incision was I Chronicles. The indications for relaparotomy were anastamotic leak 2/7 (20%), burst abdomen 2/7 (20%), exocrine gland injury 1/7 (10%), bladder injury 1/7 (10%), negative surgical incision 1/7 (10%). The variables with vital p-value square measure general cardiovascular disease, COPD, CAD, intra-op and post-op inotoropic support, wound infection, wound organic phenomenon and intra-abdominal symptom. These knowledge will so be employed in future to formulate a prediction rating system.


Laparotomy; Re-lapaprotomy; Post-op peritonitis; Burst abdomen.


Wang Wei, Retrospective Study on Patients Undergoing section to Assess the chance Factors of Re-Laparotomy. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2021.

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