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The Study of Clinical and medical specialty Profile of Gall Bladder Diseases

Correspondence to Author: Laria Santo de SousaState University of Bahia, BrazilAbstract:

Context: bladder malady is one among the foremost common gi conditions within the Indian population, however its true prevalence is unknown. Gallbladder diseases square measure a typical explanation for morbidity and among the foremost costly biological process tract disorders1. A population-based survey was performed to work out the age, sex, and other clinical and epidemiologic profile of bladder disease.

Aims: to check the epidemiologic profile of patients with gall bladder diseases. To study the clinical profile of the patients with gall bladder diseases. This can be a tertiary care hospital done study descriptive data-based study.

Methods and Material: This study was conducted in a tertiary care hospital of north province. In this study total two hundred cases admitted for gall bladder related gi complaints were screened and studied. They were evaluated for gall bladder diseases clinically and tomography. Total two hundred cases with gall bladder malady were known and studied in details Statistical analysis used: applied mathematics analysis was done victimization ratios and proportion

Results: most variety of patients [60%] was females. most variety of cases [60%] was gift in fifth decade people. Right hypochondrial tenderness was gift in ninety four.5% cases. most variety of cases had pain abdomen [94.5%] and fatigue [95%] as a significant presenting symptom. Acalculous gall stone malady was most common diagnosed entity accounting for forty three.5% of cases.

Conclusions: Gall bladder diseases square measure additional common in females, commonest people affected is fifth decade. Right hypochondrial tenderness, fatigue fever square measure common clinical manifestations.


Cholelithiasis; Females; Right hypochondrial tenderness.


Laria Santo de Sousa, The Study of Clinical and medical specialty Profile of Gall Bladder Diseases. World Journal of Clinical Surgery 2021.

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